About Maersch

Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting provides exceptional environmental, safety and regulatory consulting services to industrial clients. In fact, unlike other firms, serving industrial clients isn’t just part of what we do, it’s all that we do. This focus enables us to be a leaner, more efficient company that drives focus to our clients.

We specialize in knowing and understanding our clients, their business, their industry, their customers and, of course, the regulatory framework applicable to them all. And when our clients do need specialized services, we are in the best position to go to the market to acquire the best services at the best possible value.

So our mission is simple. Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting exists for our clients; to help them protect their workers and all interested parties; to help minimize their environmental impacts; and to help them know, understand and comply with their regulatory requirements. All while helping them to grow their business.

The Maersch logo symbolizes our mission to a tee.   A triad representing the person, the environment and the client. Two half circles forming a protective ring that represents the mission of Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting, LLC to protect those represented within the circle. The foremost half-circle is tipped with a green leaf, signifying life, growth, continuity and interdependence. The colors green, yellow and orange are representative of the environment, health and safety; but also symbolize growth, optimism and energy.