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Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting is about protecting people, our planet and the profitable sustainability of your business. By helping businesses protect their personnel from injury and to comply with their environmental obligations, Maersch clients can realize sustained capital preservation and reduced legacy costs over time. Committed to helping businesses better understand and manage the regulatory challenges faced on a daily basis, our goal is to help you meet these challenges today… with an eye on your tomorrow.

MAERSCH Enviromental

Leadership Bio

Mr. Edward Trenn, MS, CHMM is the founder and President of Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting. He is responsible for providing environmental, safety and regulatory management services and expertise to Maersch clients. Mr. Trenn is additionally responsible for strategy, business development, and financial management for Maersch.

MAERSCH Enviromental

Since 1991 Mr. Trenn has provided industry with essential technical and management expertise and services with respect to environmental, health and safety management. He has extensive experience in compliance auditing, management system development and auditing, and environmental reporting (i.e. toxic release inventory, SARA Tier I/II, etc.), as well as air permitting, hazardous waste management, and safety program development and management. Hazardous materials transportation, international regulation, and food and drug compliance are also target compliance systems for which Mr. Trenn has provided expertise.

Industries that have been served by Mr. Trenn include chemical, paint and coating, plastics, rubber, machining, metal plating, forging, casting, construction materials, metals recycling and more.

Mr. Trenn holds Master of Science degree from the University of Findlay, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management, and an Associates degree in Fire Science. He is also a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). His contact information is below.

Edward Trenn, MS, CHMM

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