Maersch Minute: President Trump Freezes New Federal Regulations, HM-215N Placed on Standby

Inauguration Day.  Swearing ins, speeches, parades, inaugural balls… and a freeze on all new federal regulations pending further review.  President Trump wants his newly appointed department heads to have a chance to review all pending regulations before they take effect.  Any regulations that have been issued final, but not yet printed in the Federal Register, are to be withdrawn.  This ensnares the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s HM-215N rule, which went final on January 18th, 2017, but was not scheduled to be printed in the Federal Register until January 26th.  Regulations that have been published in the Federal Register, but which are not yet in effect, will get a 60-day delay in the prescribed effective date.  Of course, deference is given for regulations needed for emergency situations or urgent matters of safety, health, financial or national security. Read the full memorandum here.