Industrial settings pose a variety of workplace risks to personnel; and risks to personnel are risks for your business.

Identifying and mitigating these risks is an essential function that Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting accomplishes for you.  Machine guarding risks, hazardous energy (LOTO), material handling (cranes, fork trucks), falls and electrical hazards are just a few examples.

Chemical Safety
Chemical safety in the industrial setting is of unique importance to an organization and its personnel, as the effects of unmitigated risks can present themselves catastrophically in the near term, or through a worker disease indication many years down the road.

Identifying and mitigating chemical risks today with will help to protect the health of workers, and the organization, today and tomorrow.  These risks can be identified through industrial hygiene assessments, communicated through Hazard Communication, personnel protected with personal protective equipment (PPE) and engineering controls. Maersch assists with all.

In general, when it comes to safety management, Maercsh Environmental and Safety Consulting, LLC has you covered. Whether it’s developing a Respiratory Protection, Confined Space, or Process Safety Management (PSM) Program, or any other safety program, Maersch both develops the program and conducts the necessary training to ensure the safety of your personnel, as well as your organization’s compliance with applicable safety regulations.