Your organization strives for growth in an increasingly competitive environment, in an ever changing marketplace. Macro and market forces threaten your top line, while micro forces impinge on your bottom line.

Within this daily tension are the shifting sands of environmental and safety obligations that, if not managed well, can put your workers, the environment, and your company at risk.

Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting aims to know your business, your industry, your workers, and your customers; as well as the regulatory obligations that effects them all. Maersch understands the systems, tasks and resources necessary to help you manage your regulatory burden effectively.

In the realm of management, Maersch assists your organization to develop strategic environmental, safety and/or regulatory goals and objectives. Likewise, if your organization is considering a major associated initiative or capital purchase, Maersch completes a cost/benefit analysis to determine breakeven points, if applicable.

MAERSCH Enviromental
MAERSCH Enviromental


It’s a fact that properly maintaining environmental and safety programs takes time. Each program requires specific task that can be difficult to manage, let alone difficult to complete consistently within specified time frames.

Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting completes the tactical administrative functions associated with individual safety and/or environmental programs. Whether you’re short on resources, or expertise, Maersch can fill that gap for you.



When it comes to air permitting, Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting has you covered. If you need a new air permit, a modification to an existing permit, or if you need to renew an expiring permit, Maersch manages the often challenging task of compiling and submitting an application for you.

For your active air permits, Maersch establishes understandable systems and processes for complying with your permit(s) including procedures, recordkeeping forms and emissions calculations.

As required by your permit(s), Maersch also completes and submits the appropriate reports to your regulatory agency.

MAERSCH Enviromental


Complying with your wastewater permit requirements can be a difficult challenge. Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting oversees your discharge permit requirements to ensure compliance.

This entails detailing the requirements of your permit, then working with your certified operator to ensure the required sampling is being completed within the expected timeframe, and then submitting the results to your regulatory agency as required.

Storm Water

Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting helps you determine if you are required to have a storm water permit, then help you to acquire coverage. You’ll then need a storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP), which Maersch develops and implements for you. In addition to recordkeeping and reporting, Maersch trains your team as well.

MAERSCH Enviromental
MAERSCH Enviromental

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC)

It takes just over 1,320 gallons of oil storage capacity to require a facility to develop and implement a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Program. Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting develops this program for you and trains your team to meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act.

Hazardous Waste

A hazardous waste generator is responsible for properly characterizing its hazardous waste and ensuring compliance with all associated waste management requirements. Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting can help you to achieve and maintain compliance with hazardous waste regulations with respect the characterizations, inspections, reporting, contingency plan development and training.

MAERSCH Enviromental

Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) Tier I/II (SERC) and Tier III (Toxic Release Inventory Reporting)

Facilities storing hazardous chemicals in excess of certain threshold quantities are required to provide chemical safety information for each reportable hazardous chemical to the local fire department, the Local Emergency Planning Agency (LEPC), and the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC).

MAERSCH Enviromental

These reports are due March 1 of each year and Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting manages this task for you to ensure your facility’s compliance with this rule.

Also known as the Community Right-to-Know rule, the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) is due July 1 of each year. If your facility stores or uses certain reportable chemicals in excess of specified thresholds, your facility may be required to complete and submit a TRI Report, which can be complete by Maersch for your facility.


The regulatory hurdles that manufacturers face when bringing products to market, both domestically and internationally, is daunting. It’s important for manufacturers to consider the regulatory framework of the market for each product at the earliest stage of development.

The regulatory framework can include the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), international regulations like REACH and RoHS, State right-to-know regulations, and special regulations like Homeland Security, DEA and the SEC’s Conflict Minerals regulation.

MAERSCH Enviromental

Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting works with clients to evaluate products to ensure regulatory compliance and good product stewardship once in the market.

An important element of product stewardship is ensuring that your products are represented by adequately detailed Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). Maersch helps you to ensure your SDSs are adequate to meet the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for SDS preparation and product labeling.


Industrial settings pose a variety of workplace risks to personnel; and risks to personnel are risks for your business.

Identifying and mitigating these risks is an essential function that Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting accomplishes for you. Machine guarding risks, hazardous energy (LOTO), material handling (cranes, fork trucks), falls and electrical hazards are just a few examples.

MAERSCH Enviromental

Chemical Safety

Chemical safety in the industrial setting is of unique importance to an organization and its personnel, as the effects of unmitigated risks can present themselves catastrophically in the near term, or through a worker disease indication many years down the road.

Identifying and mitigating chemical risks today with will help to protect the health of workers, and the organization, today and tomorrow. These risks can be identified through industrial hygiene assessments, communicated through Hazard Communication, personnel protected with personal protective equipment (PPE) and engineering controls. Maersch assists with all.

In general, when it comes to safety management, Maercsh Environmental and Safety Consulting, LLC has you covered. Whether it’s developing a Respiratory Protection, Confined Space, or Process Safety Management (PSM) Program, or any other safety program, Maersch both develops the program and conducts the necessary training to ensure the safety of your personnel, as well as your organization’s compliance with applicable safety regulations.

Compliance Auditing

It’s no secret that environmental, safety and other regulatory rules can be quite difficult to understand, let alone comply with. If you would like to avoid that certain, uneasy feeling when your regulator knocks on your front door, then an environmental and/or safety compliance audit can help to identify compliance gaps and get your organization back on track before the tap on the door.

Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting meets this need in a timely and cost-effective manner. Maersch can also complete compliance auditing associated with certified management (e.g. ISO14001, OHSAS18001) system third-party compliance auditing requirements.

MAERSCH Enviromental
MAERSCH Enviromental

Hazardous Materials

If you’re a company that ships regulated hazardous materials by land, air or sea on a daily basis then you probably have a staff member fully trained and equipped to complete hazard classifications, select packaging, apply the appropriate labels and complete the necessary hazardous materials bill of lading.

However, if this is not something your company does on a regular basis, turn to Maersch Environmental and Safety Consulting to take on this responsibility for you. In that way you can know it’s getting done right, that your regulatory risk is managed and, above all, the public is protected.